Anime Figures- Dragon Ball Figure Ball Trunks


✅ Size : 32 cm
✅ Material: PVC High quality
✅ Original Dragon Ball® design!
✅ A must-have for every Dragon Ball fan!
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Anime Figures- Dragon Ball Figure Ball Trunks

Dragon Ball figure Trunks is 32 cm high and made of PVC, a strong and durable material. It weighs about 1 kg, which gives it a feeling of strength and quality.

The figure shows Trunks in samurai style, with traditional Japanese clothing and metal armour. He stands with his legs slightly apart and holds his sword in both hands, which he raises straight behind him, ready to use it in battle.

Trunks is a character from the Dragon Ball universe created by Akira Toriyama. He first appeared in the manga in 1991 in the alternate future of the Cell saga and then became a recurring character in the series.

Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma and has inherited his father’s strength and his mother’s intelligence. He is also a half-Saiyajin, which gives him incredible strength and speed.

In the alternate future, Trunks is the last survivor of the Z Warriors after all the others have been killed by the cyborgs C-17 and C-18. He then travels through time to warn the Z-Warriors of the danger that awaits them in the future and to give them the opportunity to train and prepare.

In the Cell saga, Trunks returns to the future to defeat the cyborgs and Cell who threaten to wipe out humanity. With the help of his double from the future, he manages to defeat the enemies and restore peace.

The figure’s dynamic pose with Trunks swinging his sword creates a sense of movement and action, making the figure very appealing to fans of Dragon Ball and the samurai universe. The loving details of Trunks’ armour and clothing add to the realistic look of the figure and show the manufacturer’s attention to detail.

Figurine Dragon Ball Trunks

Anime Figures- Dragon Ball Figure Ball Trunks Anime Figures- Dragon Ball Figure Ball Trunks


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