Anime Figures – Pokemon figure Amphinobi


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Anime Figures – Pokemon figure Amphinobi

Pokemon figure Amphinobi is 23 cm high and is made of PVC, a sturdy and durable material. The figure illustrates Amphinobi attacking with pressurized water jets and fearsome shuriken.

Amphinobi is depicted in a dynamic pose, with his arms outstretched to release the pressurized water jets and shuriken. The figure is meticulously detailed, with every detail of Amphinobi’s clothing and appearance carefully recreated, including the distinctive markings on his body and the shape of his eyes.

The figure is placed on a transparent base, which gives the impression that Amphinobi is attacking outdoors. The base is equipped with a support rod that holds the figure in place and provides stability on the pedestal.

The depiction of Amphinobi attacking with pressurized water jets and shuriken gives the figure a touch of action, while the stately size of 23 cm makes it impressive to look at. All in all, this Amphinobi figurine is a nice collectible for Pokémon fans and is great for adding a stylish touch to your shelf or desk.

What does it look like? Then look no further! The figurine is made of high quality materials and comes with free shipping! Order your Pokemon Amphinobi figurine today!

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Figurine Pokemon Amphinobi

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