Dragon Ball Figures Bardock Action figure



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Dragon Ball Figures Bardock Action figure

The Dragon Ball Bardock figure is 27 cm high and made of PVC. It shows the famous Saiyan warrior and father of Goku in a dynamic and action-ready fighting stance.

Bardock is dressed in the armour of a Saiyan warrior, decorated with bright colours and metallic details. His spiky black hair is coiffed into a distinctive comb, and his face is chiselled with a serious and determined expression, eyes fixed on an unseen enemy. Bardock’s sculpted muscles show his impressive physical strength, with visible veins on his arms and legs.

Bardock is an important figure in the Dragon Ball universe, even if he only appears briefly in the series. He is the father of Goku and the husband of Gine, both also Saiyans.

Bardock was a powerful warrior from the planet Vegeta, the Saiyans’ home planet. He was part of Freezer’s army, an intergalactic tyrant who used Saiyajins as mercenaries to conquer planets and then sell them. Bardock was known as a very effective and determined warrior who was fiercely loyal to his race and his work.

One day, however, Bardock had a prescient vision that showed him Freezer was planning to destroy Planet Vegeta and all the Saiyajins. Although his Saiyan comrades did not believe his warnings at first, Bardock eventually managed to assemble a small group of warriors to try and stop Freezer.

Unfortunately, their attempt was a failure and all the Saiyajins, including Bardock, were killed in Freezer’s destruction of Planet Vegeta. Bardock’s attempt was not in vain, however, as his son Goku was sent to Earth shortly before the destruction of the planet, where he grew up to become the hero of the Dragon Ball universe.

Bardock’s life was explored in the film “Bardock: The Father of Goku” and in the manga “Episode of Bardock”, which shows an alternative version of Bardock’s story.

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Figurine Dragon Ball Bardock
Dragon Ball Bardock Action Figure

Figurine Dragon Ball Bardock Figurine Dragon Ball Bardock


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