Dragon Ball Figures Super Beerus Action Figure



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Dragon Ball Figures Super Beerus Action Figure

Dragon Ball Super Beerus figure is approx. 17 cm high and comes with a packaging box. Beerus is depicted in his iconic outfit as the God of Destruction, with a dynamic stance that gives him the appearance of being ready for battle. He is sculpted in great detail, including his purple hair and narrow eyes, as well as his claws and feet. The figure is made of high-quality PVC plastic for maximum durability and stability. The colours are vibrant and well applied, making the figure very attractive. The box is decorated with images of Beerus and is designed to protect the figure when it is being stored or transported.

Beerus is a fictional character from the Dragon Ball Super universe. He is known as the “God of Destruction” and is responsible for destroying planets to maintain balance in the universe. He first appears in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

In his role as god of destruction, Beerus has an extremely powerful and ruthless personality. He is often seen eating and sleeping, which may seem strange for such a powerful being, but it is a testament to his detached and easygoing nature. Nevertheless, he is capable of becoming enraged and destroying entire planets if provoked or not satisfied with the food offered to him.

In the course of the series we learn that Beerus has a twin brother named Champa, who is also a god of destruction. The two brothers often engage in friendly competitions and battles to test their respective powers.

Beerus is also known for his relationship with Dragon Ball main character Son Goku. After being defeated by Son Goku in a fight, Beerus becomes more and more interested in him and eventually becomes an ally of Son Goku and his friends.

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Figurine Dragon Ball Super Beerus
Dragon Ball Super Beerus Action Figure

Figurine Dragon Ball Super Beerus


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