Dragon Ball Super Jiren Figure



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Dragon Ball Super Jiren Figure

The Dragon Ball Super Jiren figure is 33 cm high and made of high-quality PVC. It is designed to represent Jiren as he appeared in his iconic battle against Goku in the War of the Universes.

The figure is very detailed, with well-shaped muscles and a design that matches that of the character in the anime. Jiren is depicted in a fighting stance, with arms crossed and legs spread, ready to face any opponent.

He is wearing his usual clothes, consisting of black trousers, a red belt and a sleeveless purple top. His eyes are slightly closed, giving the impression that he is deeply focused on the fight ahead.

Jiren is a character from the anime Dragon Ball Super. He is a member of the team from Universe 11 in the Tournament of Power, a competition between the different universes organised by the Zeno.

Jiren is considered one of the strongest fighters in the universe 11 and even in all universes. He has an imposing appearance with protruding muscles and black-red hair. He is also very reserved and rarely speaks, preferring to let his actions speak for themselves.

In the story arc of the survival universe, we learn a little more about his life. Jiren comes from another universe and has experienced trauma in his past. His family and friends were killed by a powerful enemy, which led to him becoming a lone warrior and focusing on training to become stronger.

Despite his strength, however, he was still unable to defeat his enemy, which led him to seek even more powerful means to increase his strength. This led him to join the Universe 11 team in the Tournament of Power.

The figure is carefully painted, with much attention paid to details such as the veins on Jiren’s arms and the folds in his clothing. It also comes with a sturdy base so that it can stand upright even when manipulated.

How does it look? Then look no further! The figure is made of high-quality materials and comes with free shipping! Order your Dragon Ball Super Jiren figurine today!

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Dragon Ball Super Jiren Actionfigur
Dragon Ball Super Jiren Action Figure
Dragon Ball Super Jiren Actionfigur
Dragon Ball Super Jiren Action Figure

Dragon Ball Super Jiren Actionfigur

Dragon Ball Super Jiren Figure

Dragon Ball Super Jiren Figure

Dragon Ball Super Jiren Figure


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