Naruto Figure Zabuza Momochi


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Naruto Figure Zabuza Momochi

Naruto Figure Zabuza Momochi measures 18.5 cm and is made of PVC. It depicts the character in one of the anime’s most memorable scenes, that of his death. The figure comes with a box for easy storage and presentation.

The figurine is finely sculpted to represent the details of his appearance in his final scene. He is shown with two swords embedded in his body, the blades protruding from his back and chest. He is wearing his ninja costume of black trousers, black waistcoat, belt and white cape. The expression on his face is calm and determined, as he stands tall despite the wounds he has sustained. The figurine rests on a solid base for a stable presentation.

Zabuza Momochi is a character from the anime and manga Naruto. He is a famous ninja from Kirigakure, also known as the “Demon of Mist”, due to his reputation as a fearsome and ruthless fighter. He was the first major antagonist in the series, first appearing in the Naruto Wave arc.

Zabuza was a prodigious ninja from an early age, quickly becoming a member of the Kirigakure elite. He then left the village and became a mercenary, using his skills for more lucrative missions. During his career as a mercenary, he met Haku, a young boy with exceptional talents, whom he took under his protection and trained as his protégé.

Zabuza is best known for his role as the main antagonist in Naruto’s Wave arc, where he is hired by the daimyo of the Land of Waves to assassinate Tazuna, a bridge builder. Naruto and his friends are sent to protect Tazuna and find themselves up against Zabuza and Haku. Zabuza is eventually defeated by Kakashi, but not before revealing a number of facets of his character, including his loyalty to Haku and his desire to change the world.

Although Zabuza only appeared for a short time in the series, his character was one of Naruto’s most memorable, due to his unique appearance, fighting skills and key role in the Naruto Wave arc. His death in the anime, as he stood his ground despite having swords thrust into his body, also became one of the most memorable scenes in the series, so this figurine is a great choice for Naruto fans who enjoy the character of Momochi Zabuza and want to add a quality piece to their collection. It’s also a great gift idea for fans of the anime who enjoyed this memorable scene.

Figurine Naruto Zabuza Momochi

Naruto Figure Zabuza MomochiNaruto Figure Zabuza Momochi

Naruto Figure Zabuza MomochiNaruto Figure Zabuza MomochiNaruto Figure Zabuza MomochiNaruto Figure Zabuza MomochiNaruto Figure Zabuza Momochi

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18.5cm box, 18.5cm no box


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