Naruto Figures Shippuden Uchiha Obito


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Naruto Figures Shippuden Uchiha Obito

Naruto Figures Shippuden Uchiha Obito measures 35 cm in height and is made from PVC. It depicts the famous Naruto Shippuden character in a dynamic fighting stance, illustrating his confrontation with Konan, when he loses his hand to her. The figure’s colours are highly detailed, with a mix of black and white for his costume and bright red for his mask, highlighting Obito’s secret identity. The details are meticulous, with particular attention paid to the shapes and textures of Obito’s various body parts, as well as his highly realistic fighting stance.

Uchiha Obito is a character from the Naruto universe. He was once a member of Team Minato, alongside Kakashi and Rin. After a tragic mission, where he lost the love of his life, Rin, Obito was seriously injured and left for dead. He was saved by Madara Uchiha, who convinced him to join his plan to create a dream world, the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Over the years, Obito has become one of Naruto’s main antagonists, using his Sharingan to sow destruction and death in his path. His battle with Konan took place after the death of Nagato, another member of the Akatsuki. Konan tried to protect Nagato’s eyes, which contained much of the deity’s power in the ninja world. Obito confronted Konan in an attempt to retrieve the eyes, but she resisted and managed to inflict mortal wounds. However, Obito used his powers to escape death and eventually managed to obtain Nagato’s eyes.

The fight between Obito and Konan was a key moment in Naruto’s plot, as it showed just how determined Obito was to achieve his goals, even if that meant killing allies and committing atrocities. It was also an important moment in the portrayal of Obito’s character, as he lost his left hand in that fight, requiring the use of his special ability to replace it.

Finally, this figurine is a great addition to any Naruto fan’s collection, as it represents an important moment in the series’ history and showcases one of its most iconic characters. If you’re looking to add to your collection of Naruto figurines, then the Uchiha Obito figurine is a great choice and you won’t be disappointed with its impressive appearance.

Naruto Figures Shippuden Uchiha Obito

Naruto Figures Shippuden Uchiha Obito

Naruto Figures Shippuden Uchiha Obito

Naruto Figures Shippuden Uchiha Obito

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